Whisky, with its rich history and nuanced flavors, often comes cloaked in terminology that may befuddle new enthusiasts. When you’re standing in the liquor aisle, you might wonder about the meaning of phrases like “Old and Rare” or “Natural Color.” So, let’s help you become fluent in ‘whisky-speak,’ one termContinue Reading

Single Malt and Scotch have shared a long and intricate history. The globalization of the whisky industry has challenged long-held assumptions that the two are interchangeable. The Roots of Single Malt Whisky Scotland has always been widely regarded as the birthplace of single-malt whisky. This classification originated in the countryContinue Reading

When discussing the alcohol content in spirits, the term ‘proof’ echoes from the British Isles to the European mainland and even across the Atlantic to the United States. But here’s the quirk: its interpretation varies based on geographical boundaries and historical contexts. Let’s take a moment to unravel the storyContinue Reading

With the allure of whisky touching historic peaks, distilleries in Scotland are banding together, crafting intriguing regional itineraries that cater to the inquisitive tourist. Kirsten Amor highlights the community approach’s benefits for the industry and aficionados. The Lure of Scotland’s Distilleries The 19th-century whisky chronicler, Alfred Barnard, invested two yearsContinue Reading

Whiskey’s Oats Revival Keep oats in mind. Perhaps you’ve consumed it in the form of oat milk lattes or breakfast cereal. Which one, though? In the world of whisky, this humble grain is making a comeback. This is no modest comeback; rather, it is a full-fledged concert tour. Irish Whiskey’sContinue Reading