Unofficially kick-started by whiskey consultant Blair Bowman in 2012, World Whiskey Day has transformed from a social media phenomenon into an international celebration of ‘uisce beatha’ or ‘water of life.’ Occurring on the third Saturday of May each year, this event has been endorsed by distilleries and whiskey lovers worldwide,Continue Reading

If there’s one name echoing with fervor in the chambers of whiskey connoisseurs, it’s “The Donn.” This Single Malt wonder from The Craft Irish Whiskey Company has caught the prestigious eye of the Global Spirits Masters, and rightfully so. A panel brimming with master sommeliers and acclaimed mixologists have dubbedContinue Reading

Have you ever noticed the shiny medals on some whiskey labels while browsing the shelves of your local liquor store? Those medals are more than just decorative elements. They signify recognition, but does this mean the whisky is truly exceptional? The Medal System Demystified When you see a whiskey sportingContinue Reading

With the allure of whisky touching historic peaks, distilleries in Scotland are banding together, crafting intriguing regional itineraries that cater to the inquisitive tourist. Kirsten Amor highlights the community approach’s benefits for the industry and aficionados. The Lure of Scotland’s Distilleries The 19th-century whisky chronicler, Alfred Barnard, invested two yearsContinue Reading

The iconic whisky brand Johnnie Walker has introduced Johnnie Walker Blonde, which marks a bold new direction for the company. Johnnie Walker’s New Blonde This one-of-a-kind whisky is the result of the combined talents of expert blending Emma Walker and master whisky maker George Harper. Their know-how, along with ingredientsContinue Reading