We’ve often been asked about the silent and less-celebrated contributors to the whiskey narrative – pesticides. Can the chemicals designed to protect crops influence the flavor and integrity of your beloved whiskey? And more importantly, are there potential health implications? Whiskey’s Starting Point: The Grains Whiskey begins its life asContinue Reading

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Whisky, with its rich history and nuanced flavors, often comes cloaked in terminology that may befuddle new enthusiasts. When you’re standing in the liquor aisle, you might wonder about the meaning of phrases like “Old and Rare” or “Natural Color.” So, let’s help you become fluent in ‘whisky-speak,’ one termContinue Reading

When discussing the alcohol content in spirits, the term ‘proof’ echoes from the British Isles to the European mainland and even across the Atlantic to the United States. But here’s the quirk: its interpretation varies based on geographical boundaries and historical contexts. Let’s take a moment to unravel the storyContinue Reading