When you pour yourself a glass of whiskey, your first sensory interaction is visual. The color of the whiskey in your glass is the first hint towards understanding its character. However, the color interpretation isn’t as simple as “darker is older.” Factors such as the type of grain used, distillationContinue Reading

Rum is a diverse spirit, with regional differences that extend beyond the simplistic binary of ‘white’ and ‘dark’. Light-bodied, Spanish-style rums from countries like Puerto Rico and Cuba are clean and crisp, making them perfect for mixing in cocktails. On the other hand, English-style rums from former British colonies suchContinue Reading

The renowned cachaça brand Magnífica de Faria embarks on a new chapter of its journey as it prepares to make its debut in Greece, marking a significant milestone in its global expansion strategy. Facilitated by a strategic distribution partnership with Beverage World, Magnífica de Faria is poised to captivate GreekContinue Reading

The Amsterdam-based Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin has achieved a significant milestone by securing its inaugural retail listing in Japan, marking a pivotal moment in its global expansion. Partnering with the esteemed department store Isetan in Tokyo, Hermit Gin gains a coveted presence in one of Japan’s most esteemed retail destinations.Continue Reading

Unofficially kick-started by whiskey consultant Blair Bowman in 2012, World Whiskey Day has transformed from a social media phenomenon into an international celebration of ‘uisce beatha’ or ‘water of life.’ Occurring on the third Saturday of May each year, this event has been endorsed by distilleries and whiskey lovers worldwide,Continue Reading

The nuanced flavors and intricate processes that go into making tequila are what make it famous. But there’s a contemporary twist to this tradition-laden process—the usage of additives—that could surprise many drinkers, both experts and amateurs. Even though it’s not often brought up outside of tequila industry meetings, this partContinue Reading

When it comes to transparent liquors, moonshine and vodka often find themselves in the spotlight. At first glance, they may seem like distant cousins, but as we delve deeper into their origins, production processes, and characteristics, a world of differences unfolds. Moonshine Moonshine, often associated with rebellion and Prohibition-era bootleggers,Continue Reading