Rum is a diverse spirit, with regional differences that extend beyond the simplistic binary of ‘white’ and ‘dark’. Light-bodied, Spanish-style rums from countries like Puerto Rico and Cuba are clean and crisp, making them perfect for mixing in cocktails. On the other hand, English-style rums from former British colonies suchContinue Reading

The nuanced flavors and intricate processes that go into making tequila are what make it famous. But there’s a contemporary twist to this tradition-laden process—the usage of additives—that could surprise many drinkers, both experts and amateurs. Even though it’s not often brought up outside of tequila industry meetings, this partContinue Reading

When it comes to transparent liquors, moonshine and vodka often find themselves in the spotlight. At first glance, they may seem like distant cousins, but as we delve deeper into their origins, production processes, and characteristics, a world of differences unfolds. Moonshine Moonshine, often associated with rebellion and Prohibition-era bootleggers,Continue Reading

Moonshine, an illicitly produced and distributed spirit, is renowned for its high alcohol concentration and robust flavor. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the intriguing world of moonshine, its history, production methods, and the critical question: how much alcohol is in moonshine? Moonshine has been an integral part of theContinue Reading

Since its 2019 debut, the premium tequila brand Cincoro Tequila has been causing a stir in the spirits market. Quickly becoming known for its premium tequilas and simple, elegant bottle design, the business was co-founded by five NBA team owners, Michael Jordan included. How much is Cincoro Tequila? That’s aContinue Reading