Hermit Gin Makes Waves in Japan’s Gin Scene

The Amsterdam-based Hermit Dutch Coastal Gin has achieved a significant milestone by securing its inaugural retail listing in Japan, marking a pivotal moment in its global expansion. Partnering with the esteemed department store Isetan in Tokyo, Hermit Gin gains a coveted presence in one of Japan’s most esteemed retail destinations.

Hermit Gin’s foray into the Japanese market is facilitated by the renowned fishmonger Gotobar 5108, which serves as the brand’s importer and distributor in Japan. The gin, known for its distinctive blend of Dutch sea water and ten natural botanicals, including the shellfish-inspired Hermit logo, is poised to captivate discerning Japanese consumers.

Prior to its retail debut, Hermit Gin made waves in Japan’s vibrant on-trade scene through a collaboration with the prestigious Okura hotel in Tokyo, renowned for its luxurious hospitality and refined cocktail offerings. With this latest development, Hermit Gin cements its position as a sought-after libation, synonymous with sophistication and innovation.

Noah Duijst and Siward de Groot, the visionary brothers behind Hermit Gin, express their excitement for this strategic partnership, underscoring the significance of securing a listing at Isetan, known for its discerning clientele and commitment to excellence. They envision Hermit Gin as a global brand, with Japan serving as a pivotal market in their expansion journey.

The genesis of this partnership traces back to 2018 when Max Kawamoto, the visionary founder of Gotobar, encountered Hermit Gin during his European sojourn. Inspired by the gin’s maritime essence and cultural resonance, Kawamoto recognized its potential to complement his vision of introducing shellfish-eating into Japanese culture.

Reflecting on this fortuitous encounter, Kawamoto shares his vision for elevating the gastronomic experience in Japan, stating, “Just mussels or shellfish weren’t enough. We needed more to complement it and introduce it as an experience instead of just food. Hermit Gin and their mission in global expansion fit perfectly into my plans.”

For Hermit Gin, the partnership transcends mere market penetration; it represents an opportunity to immerse itself in Asian culture and contribute to the evolving culinary landscape of Japan. With its distinctive flavor profile and commitment to quality, Hermit Gin is poised to make a splash in Japan and beyond, carving a niche as a beacon of innovation and refinement in the world of spirits.

As Hermit Gin embarks on this transformative journey, fueled by a shared passion for excellence and cultural exchange, the stage is set for a new chapter in the brand’s legacy, defined by creativity, collaboration, and the timeless allure of coastal craftsmanship.