Cigars have come a long way from their humble beginnings among the native peoples of Central and South America. These days, everybody from seasoned smokers to curious newcomers can enjoy a cigar, and the industry has adapted to meet the needs of these clients. In this article, we will discussContinue Reading

Is whiskey aged in a laboratory? This is not a simple question to resolve directly. Different types of whiskey may or may not have been artificially aged. Artificially aged whiskies have a somewhat different flavor than naturally aged whiskies, hence the practice is not widely used nowadays. This article willContinue Reading

Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote in the eighteenth century. On January 25, known as Burns Night, people all around the world gather to honor him as one of Scotland’s most significant cultural leaders. On Burns Night, people gather to honor the poet Robert Burns. This article will discuss the history ofContinue Reading