If there’s one name echoing with fervor in the chambers of whiskey connoisseurs, it’s “The Donn.” This Single Malt wonder from The Craft Irish Whiskey Company has caught the prestigious eye of the Global Spirits Masters, and rightfully so. A panel brimming with master sommeliers and acclaimed mixologists have dubbedContinue Reading

Digitalization continues to reshape various sectors, you might be wondering how the spirits industry is being impacted. Enter NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). A term more commonly associated with art and collectibles is now making waves in the world of whiskey, bourbon, and spirits. NFTs and the Spirits Renaissance Authenticity with NFTsContinue Reading

As the autumnal breeze rustles through the trees, your search for the perfect spirits to accompany the season’s festivities begins. While bourbon might be your go-to, the world of spirits offers a delightful array of options to tantalize your taste buds. Let’s take a deep dive into five exquisite spiritsContinue Reading

The confluence of environmental conservation and the scotch whisky industry might seem unexpected. However, the discussion around peatland preservation and its usage in whisky production is not only timely but also imperative. Peat Wetlands Become Carbon Warehouses Peat wetlands, though limited in geographical spread, play a colossal role in carbonContinue Reading

Over recent years, the evolution of non-alcoholic spirits has gained remarkable momentum. With the rise of health consciousness and an increasing number of individuals choosing to reduce or eliminate their alcohol intake, the demand for high-quality, alcohol-free spirits is undeniable. There are now over 200 varieties of such spirits available.Continue Reading

Tequila is a type of distilled liquor that originates in Mexico. The blue agave plant, from which it is distilled, grows abundantly in the countryside surrounding Tequila. An alcohol content of 35% to 55% is required for tequila. Can tequila be frozen, though? The straightforward response is that tequila canContinue Reading