whiskey has a robust flavor and should be tried by everyone. whiskey tasting isn’t exactly rocket science, but there is more to it than meets the eye. This article will assist you to pick up on scents and flavor characteristics in whiskey whether you want to drink it neat orContinue Reading

Irish whiskey has been consumed by many people for millennia. “whiskey” (or “whiskey”) is a slang term for any grain-based distilled liquor, including but not limited to whiskey, bourbon, and rye. To be called ‘whiskey’ in Ireland, a distilled spirit must first be blended with unmalted barley and then distilledContinue Reading

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Is whiskey aged in a laboratory? This is not a simple question to resolve directly. Different types of whiskey may or may not have been artificially aged. Artificially aged whiskies have a somewhat different flavor than naturally aged whiskies, hence the practice is not widely used nowadays. This article willContinue Reading