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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

For You, I'd Leave it All... Budapest

While I don't think that I could give you a really efficient city guide on Budapest as I only spent 24 hours there, I would love to share my experiences there with you! 

We arrived on Friday morning and checked into our hotel. We stayed at Danubius Hotel Astoria, which is a short walk to most of the main sites of Budapest. It was a beautiful hotel and the breakfast spread was on point.

After breakfast we headed out for a walking tour of the city. Some of the places we saw were the Great Synagogue, Andrassy Avenue (the home of the Opera House and expensive shopping), St. Stephen's Basilica, Parliament, The Shoes on the Danube, and the Chain Bridge. We ended our tour at the top of Pest, to see a panoramic of Buda. 

After some lunch we took a short subway ride to the Turkish Baths. These Baths are extremely famous and gorgeous There are a number of pools and on Saturday evenings there is even a "Sparty" where people can come for a party at the complex. Unfortunately all of my photos from the Baths that I took on my GoPro came out poorly... Another excuse to go back....

We finished up our day at dinner at Trofea Grill, an all you can eat and drink buffet. The students loved it, I loved it and my friend who happened to be in Budapest for the weekend loved it. The food was delicious and the champagne kept flowing. 

After dinner we headed to Szimpla Kert, an awesome ruin pub. Budapest is famous for its ruin pubs and this is by far the best one. 

I wish I had photos of the inside to show you! It was literally the coolest bar I've ever been inside. There were two levels, an outdoor non smoking area and smoking area. There was a huge projection screen outside and wrecked cars filled the courtyard. Walk up a narrow spiral staircase and you'll find yourself in a completely different environment. Downstairs there is a hookah bar as well as a number of places to buy drinks. 

I definitely need to go back to Budapest as I don't feel as if I got the full experience. 

It's definitely remaining on my bucket list! 

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Awakening

The weather is warming up and Florence is bustling and I'm reminded why I love this city so much.

I have to admit, I've been having a bit of a hard time since being back here. Perhaps its the cold, and the dreary weather that we've been having up to this point. Maybe its the fact that life goes on at home even when you're 3000 miles away and there's nothing you can do to make it stop or slow down.

Either way, I'm making a promise myself to enjoy the rest of my time here. Every last second. I leave in about two months and thats not a lot of time. 

So heres to living in the moment and appreciating all that this beautiful city and this incredible job has given me...

I hope that all of you are doing well as the warm weather comes! Tell me what your spring plans are in the comments below...

 Sunnies: RayBan, Bag: Marc x Marc Jacobs, Shirt: H&M, Trench: Zara, 
Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Steve Madden, Necklace: Capwell&Co.

Photos: History in High Heels

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Instagram: February 15th - February 28th

So I'm bringing you the past two weeks today! Our wifi situation in our apartment is terrible, so I've been trying to update the blog as much as possible while it works (for literally 15 minutes at a time). 

Last week I went to Venice, wandered around Florence, and traveled to Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg... This past week I took a quick trip to Milan and spent a day hiking in Chianti. Seriously, these things will never get old for me. 

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Links I Love 6

I am a huge Titanic fan and this conspiracy theory has my mind blown... 

I miss my best friends so I can definitely relate to this and I'm sure some of you can too...

Harry Potter cocktails? Count me in...

This may be the coolest camper I have ever seen... EVER.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Keeping in Touch While Abroad

I write for the blog that my company has and a few months ago I wrote an article about staying in touch while abroad and I'd like to share it with you here! I think that one of the biggest concerns that we often have is how to stay connected when you're on the other side of the world. 

Since I'm actually living in Italy I chose to unlock my iPhone and use an Italian sim card, but when I travel out of the country I generally just connect to WiFi. Here are five apps that help you stay connected even when you're miles away from home.  


Text, call, send photos or videos worldwide over 3G or Wifi for free. Make sure you connect to viber before you leave home, because you will need 3G to get the text that verifies your username. The app will then automatically detect which of your contacts has viber allowing you to call and send messages to your friends!


Use 3G or wifi to chat and send messages with your friends as much as you want. Whatsapp provides you with a phone number and adds any of your contacts that also have the app to your Whatsapp list.


Use the app to video chat, voice chat or send messages with your friends and family back home. Connect with others using Skype. Plus, if someone doesn’t have Skype, its cheaper to add credits to your account and call a landline then it would be to make a long distance call!

MagicApp Free Calls

Get free unlimited calling to America and Canada. Save money on international phone calls for a flat fee. Plus, calls to other magicApp numbers are free!

Facebook Messenger

Perhaps the easiest way to stay in touch is to utilize Facebook messenger. Keep in touch with friends while on Wifi or 3G without worrying about being charged for anything. Take your conversations from your computer on the go with you.
(Originally published on blog.florenceforfun.com)
For more tips, visit Her Packing List.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Visit Murano, Burano and Torcello

People always ask me how much time they should spend in Venice and as I've been there four times, I feel like I can give an appropriate response. I really feel like you only need a day in Venice to see everything. Venice is absolutely gorgeous, but its just a very quiet city when the sun goes down (unless you're visiting during Carnival). 

If you do feel like spending the weekend in the sinking city, a great thing to do would be a tour of three of the nearby islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. I recently took a tour of these picturesque islands of the Venice Lagoon with Viator.

The tour lasts about four hours and leaves from the docks by Piazza San Marco. The ferry embarks and a short fifteen minutes later you arrive in Murano, the island where the glass blowers work. You are given the chance to watch a glass blower at work and then you have some free time to explore a few of the sites.

Murano is a small, quiet town. It would have been nice to have had more time to check out one of the museums on the island, but we were only given about forty-five minutes, including the glass blowing demonstration.

The next stop on the tour is Torcello, home of the famous restaurant Cipriani as well as some beautiful Byzantine style churches. 

I highly suggest going into the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, as it is home to one of the most stunning mosaics that I have ever seen.

There is enough time for a leisurely stroll through Torcello, which is really all that there is on the small island. 

The final stop of the tour was Burano, which was hands down my favorite of the three. I've had Burano on my bucket list for YEARS and I was really excited to check it off. 

We were invited into a lace shop to see how lace is handmade, afterwards we were given free time.  There isn't much to do in Burano, but walking around the canals was the perfect end to my day. The little tiny houses in an array of colors are so charming. If I was a little Italian lady, this is where I'd call home.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Go - To February Outfit

Its been warmer out which means I've been rocking my leather jacket. I've also worn this shirt about 7 times since I bought it a week and a half ago... Oh, and I got it in three other colors... Needless to say, this relaxed yet pulled together look is what I've been about during February... Still dreaming of Spring though...

I love how different all of our looks are!

I can't believe that I only have two more months of Go - To Outfits in Europe!! It's insane... I head back to America on May 5th and its all very bittersweet...

Don't forget to check out Jackie and Tracy's blogs to see their February Go-To outfits...

Hat: Forever 21, Jacket: Italy, Shirt: H&M, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Bag: Galian (c/o), 
Sunnies: RayBan, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Shoemint, Ring: Rachel Zoe

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