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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Spotlight On: RegenFX Skin Care System

My skincare routine is a mess. It changes depending on whether or not its the morning or before bed. I have combination skin, but during the summer it gets really dry from the sun and salt water, so I needed something that would moisturize my skin more than usual.

The RegenFX Skin Care System is super moisturizing and I have to think that its because of the amazing ingredients. It left me with smooth skin and I could even see some of my fine lines fading. They also smell awesome. 

I'm really excited to keep using these products. You can buy them on Amazon and I really think you should try them for yourself! 

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

10 Things to do in Savannah, Georgia

Literally, since forever I have wanted to visit Savannah, Georgia. I almost went to the Savannah College of Art and Design, and since the beginning of high school, I've dreamed about walking down those old streets, taking in the charm and history of the haunted city.

 So, you've arrived in Savannah... Now what? 
Here are ten things to do in this gorgeous southern city.

1. Check out Savannah at night and take a ghost tour.
Savannah is haunted. There are hundreds of stories about homes and
 landmarks being haunted. There are ghosts, strange noises and more. 
Paranormal activity specialists have checked out many places 
in Savannah, like the Sorrel-Weed House.

2. Wander around the 22 public squares of historical Savannah.
This was definitely my favorite part of the city. I would just go sit on a 
bench in a different square and take it all in. Living in a house
 on a square in Savanna --> Life goals. 

3. Take a stroll through Forsyth Park.
This park is stunning. It's 30 acres and features a beautiful cast-iron fountain. 
Plus, there is a never ending supply of my favorite trees.

4. Head down to River Street.
Walk down to the waterfront and visit some souvenir shops 
and grab a bite to eat with a view.

 5.  Hop on and off a Trolley Tour. 
A Trolley tour can be a great way to see all of historical Savannah. 
With options to hop on and off, throughout the whole day, the
  Old Savannah Tour Trolley was our choice. We picked this one because
 historical characters will hop on during certain stops to 
give you some insight to the area.

6. Drive to Tybee Island.
The island is a short drive from downtown and offers you a 
chance to take in the beach. Climb up the lighthouse and take
 in stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean.

7. Find all of the filming locations of your favorite movies.
Savannah is the home to many movies like Forrest Gump
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Last Song and More.

8. Visit a Savannah cemetery.
eople in Savannah will tell you that anywhere you go in the historic area is built
 on a burial ground. Still, there are a few cemeteries worth heading over to.
 Colonial Park Cemetery is known to be haunted as well as known to be 
the final resting place of Button Gwinnett, who signed the 
Declaration of Independence. 
Bonaventure Cemetery is more scenic, yet still haunting.

9.  Grab an Ice Cream in City Market.
Get some food, devour a delicious, mouthwatering ice cream, 
and listen to some live music with friends.

10. Sip and Stroll.
Savannah doesn't have an open container law. Savannahnians love 
the idea of the "to-go cup," so take advantage and ask your bartender 
to make you something that you can sip on while you shop or stroll. 

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Dig In: Magnolia's

I have a friend who went to college in Charleston, so when I decided that it would be a stop on my road trip from NY - FL, I knew that I had to ask him where to have dinner. We were only there for one night, so it was important that we had some good old fashioned southern comfort food.

Magnolia's is located on East Bay Street in downtown Charleston. Its a gorgeous, white table cloth restaurant--- southern food meets refined, upscale dining. It has delicious, mouthwatering food. I don't think you can go wrong with anything that you order, the menu is the epitome of southern food, with a few twists here and there.

Our Menu:

Fried Mac & Cheese
bacon jam, hot pepper relish

BBQ Pulled Pork
Carolina red rice, collard greens, jalapeƱo-peach coleslaw, grilled cornbread

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast
cracked pepper biscuit, mashed potatoes, collard greens, creamed corn, sausage-herb gravy

Everything was perfect. The meal left me satisfied and I dreamed about that fried mac & cheese later that night. But food isn't the only thing that makes a restaurant a good one. Its also about the service. Our waiter was fantastic. He was so friendly, and made sure that we were always being taken care of. He came by to make sure that we loved everything, even telling us, "I KNEW YOU'D LOVE THE MAC & CHEESE, IT'S MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!!" There was so much enthusiasm coming from him and it was nice to know that he genuinely cared about our meal. 

I would love to try Magnolia's again for either lunch or brunch, because I think that I have to take a bite out of their Charleston Crab Cake Sandwich (green tomato-caper sauce), and the Banana Pudding Stuffed French Toast (peanut butter syrup, applewood smoked bacon)

I plan on returning to Charleston, and Magnolia's will become a fixture for me!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spotlight On: Restful Sleep

So, I have been a notoriously bad sleeper for YEARS. I guess I always chalked it up to stress or nerves, but even on vacations when I'm super relaxed, or when I'm traveling and exhausted after a day of exploring, I just can't fall asleep.

I have two issues... I either wake up periodically throughout the night or I can't even make it that far and just stay up, tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. 

So, when I was given the chance to try Restful Sleep, which is an all natural supplement, made from traditional Chinese medicine herbs, I was all for it. Now, bear with me for a second, Restful Sleep promotes positive "chi." 

I don't know how I feel about the authenticity of eastern medicinal practices, but I like to give everything the benefit of the doubt. Restful Sleep is not addictive and you can take it every night, which I have been doing since I received it. And let me just say, I've now slept through THREE nights without waking up. They weren't in a row or anything, but for me to sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested is pretty rare, so I'm definitely going to keep using these amazing little natural supplements filled with minerals and ancient Chinese herbs.

Try them for yourself! All Whiskey Ginger readers will receive 20% off with promo code: SAVEREST 

Enjoy and start feeling well rested!

*This post is sponsored by BrandBacker, but all opinions are my own.*

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Forever Young Swimwear

“This is your life and you only get one. Make it count and make a memory.”

Forever Young Swimwear, based out of Las Vegas, NV, is a swimwear company with a mission statement that makes any girl want to live her dream. Their philosophy is based off of the dreams of the founders, a girl from Maui and a boy from the Midwest. Chase your dream. It’s easy enough, right? They believe that life is short and its important to jump in and do what you want to do, whether its seeing the world or making a difference.

And Forever Young Swimwear really does make a difference. A percentage of every purchase made is donated to a non-profit organization that benefits cancer research. The charity, Swimwear For Survival works with different outlets, like hospitals and universities, to sponsor certain families in need.

To make it even better, the swimsuits that Forever Young Swimwear sells, are gorgeous. They have many different styles of bikini tops, bottoms and monokinis. Details on their bikini bottoms range from braids, fringe, high waist, no side tie, non-scrunch, scrunch butt, reversible, and side tie. Bikini tops come in different styles like bandeau, braids, fringe, halter, push-up, triangle, underwire, wrap and reversible. Coverage runs from full to moderate to minimal. You can find almost any color bathing suit as well (my personal favorites Heatwave Red and Purple Rain). Literally all of the colors of the rainbow, with awesome names like pink sunset and green meadow.

Perhaps my favorite thing about some of the Forever Young Swimwear bathing suits is that they have reversible styles. For someone who lives near the beach, it gives you an extra option without breaking the bank. It is even better for vacation because you have two bathing suits in one and that means less packing for you.
You can mix and match the different styles and colors, which is also helpful because I prefer to have more tops and just switch out the bottoms. Or you can do it the other way and buy a bunch of bottoms and rotate through a few tops.

Stay up to date with Forever Young Swimwear by following along with their many social media outlets. Read their blog; follow them on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Start pinning from their Pinterest and be inspired by the growing brand.

Mix and match your favorite styles, look amazing on the beach and feel confident no matter what.

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